Strange Loops or Watching a Twitch-Stream Watching Itself

The "Strange Loops" project operates on the intersection between interdisciplinary online performance and collaborative hands-on workshop. It enables the audience to experience interactive media technology for themselves and to do so from home, as all that is needed for the technical implementation apart from a computer/tablet is a smartphone and the free Twitch app. To ensure the necessary reach/visibility and to address an interested audience, cooperation with figure and object theatres is particularly suitable. However, the workshop offer can also be offered within the framework of festivals and other formats. In addition to an online version, a hybrid performance is also conceivable, in which those physically present can follow the performance via a screen. "Strange Loops" also serves as an ongoing research and exploration of the artistic potential of social media technologies.

Complete project description and dossier for hosts:
Strange Loops – Dossier

Strange Loops: #15 Frog

Strange Loops: #13 Duck